Considering the Safety of Chiropractic Adjustments

Considering the Safety of Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care is often associated with the hallmark cracking and popping noises that accompany a traditional spine or joint adjustment. While some people love the sound of their joints cracking and report getting instant relief, others get anxious and tense at the thought of such noises. Most often, this is because concerns about their safety and the efficacy of such treatment come to the surface. Many people’s fears about spine manipulation come from rogue stories about adjustments that went wrong in the news. Fortunately, these stories are rare- even though they can be magnified by the media that loves these types of negative stories.

Today, we will dive into the reality of chiropractic adjustments and why you don’t need to be afraid. They truly are a safe and effective treatment option for many health related issues that you might see a chiropractor for.

Are Spinal Adjustments Safe?

The short answer to this question is absolutely yes. Research has been conducted by many reputable sources, such as the Mayo Clinic, and they always come to the same conclusion- spine adjustments are safe and effective for addressing commonplace orthopedic issues such as neck pain, back pain, and headaches. This becomes even more clear when compared to a lot of the other standard treatment options for addressing health ailments like pain, such as harsh medications, injections, and even surgery. A chiropractor’s holistic approach to pain and health management is ultimately low risk and non-invasive, making it a great conservative option for dealing with your health concerns.

If spine adjustments are appropriate for your treatment plan, the best way to ensure optimal care is by finding a high quality chiropractor. This means that your chiropractor attended an accredited school and is appropriately licensed in the state they are practicing. While this may seem obvious, there are unfortunately people out there without the right credentials, so it’s important to do just a small amount of homework on your chiropractor before starting treatment (chances are they are legitimate and will provide you with the care you need).

Who Might Benefit from Spine Adjustments?

Although pain related symptoms are the best supported indicators for spine adjustments, there are other health issues that you may not realize could be better managed with improved spine alignment. The goal with any spine adjustment is to restore better mobility and alignment to the spinal vertebrae. When the spine is misaligned it is problematic for neural tissues that become compromised and can’t appropriately sequence and communicate vital life functions. Thus, when the spine is realigned and nerve energy is restored this can help your body reach it’s true recovery potential. Indicators for chiropractic treatments, and possible spine adjustments, including the following:

  • High impact injuries- such as from a fall, sport, or car accident
  • Chronic pain caused by faulty mechanics or a previous injury
  • Acute joint pain from overuse, imbalances, etc.
  • Poor posture
  • Movement impairments that are affecting your ability to efficiently complete daily activities
  • Brain fog
  • Scoliosis
  • Bad sleep habits and/or insomnia
  • Organ dysfunction
  • Chronic health issues
  • And more!

Are There Any Risks Associated with Spine Adjustments?

No matter how low-risk a treatment may be, of course there are always some risks that may be associated with it. However, these can be avoided with an appropriate initial assessment done by a trained health professional. They will screen your overall health for any red flags that would make a spine adjustment a bad option. For example, underlying issues like spine degeneration, fracture, and circulatory issues may make this treatment option less than ideal. If you aren’t a candidate for spine manipulation, thankfully you can work with your chiropractor to find other worthy treatment options that will give you the results you are looking for.

Additionally, there are some side effects that may accompany spine adjustments, particularly for the first few appointments. The most common effects are very short term and include symptoms like general discomfort, dizziness, feelings of fatigue, and nausea. These are most often due to changes in nerve flow and/or circulation that your body needs a little time to adjust to. They most often resolve within hours to days at the most following a treatment session. Very rarely, more serious side effects can be caused by spine manipulation, including damage to the spine, onset of severe pain, or even vertebral artery dissection. However, as mentioned these can be avoided with appropriate screening prior to treatment.

Are Spine Adjustments Right for You?

Our society loves quick fixes for our health issues, such as pain medications, even though they are often only masking symptoms and not getting to the true underlying problem. In the face of modern medicine, holistic health is often incorrectly written off as “fluff.” Add the dramatic stories that the media often shows us related to conservative care and we may be feeling skeptical of what chiropractic care has to offer. However, it shouldn’t be this way and the first step toward better long term care and recovery is with an appropriate understanding of the immense benefits of this tried and true treatment option.

Chiropractic care can offer amazing holistic benefits that address your current symptoms, plus give you more vitality for your future. In the end, there’s no need to fear or question the efficacy of chiropractic care and adjustments. The first step in deciding if this well supported option is right for you is by calling your local chiropractor. If you are in Decatur or Huntsville, AL, the dedicated team at North Alabama Spine and Rehab would be happy to help you with your pain related needs and beyond.

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