Finding Relief: How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Back Pain

Finding Relief: How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Back Pain

Back pain can be a debilitating condition that affects your quality of life and ability to do daily tasks. It can be caused by a variety of factors, from poor posture to spinal injuries. However, chiropractic care has been shown to be an effective treatment for back pain, and at North Alabama Spine & Rehab, Dr. Adam Shafran has helped countless patients find relief. Our patients frequently ask us “what causes back pain?” and “can chiropractic care really help with back pain?” Today we’ll explore what causes back pain and how chiropractic care can help.

What is the cause of back pain?

Are you experiencing back pain and wondering how to get relief? You’re not alone. According to the American Chiropractic Association, at least 80% of Americans will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime. Back pain can be caused by injury, poor posture, or even just everyday wear and tear on our bodies. But what is back pain, exactly, and how can chiropractic care help? First, let’s explore the structure of the back to fully understand what components and body systems make up one of the most essential and foundational parts of the human body.

The back is a complex structure of bones, muscles, and other tissues that extend from the neck to the pelvis. It’s responsible for supporting our bodies and allowing us to move and bend. However, this complexity also means that back pain can arise from a variety of sources. Injuries such as sprains, strains, and herniated discs can lead to back pain, as can more chronic conditions like arthritis or degenerative disc disease.

To understand how chiropractic care can help back pain, it’s important to first understand what causes it. Back pain can be caused by anything from a simple muscle strain to more serious injuries like herniated discs. Subluxation of the spine, which is spinal misalignment, can cause back pain by inflaming nerves and inhibiting the flow of essential nerve energy. Poor posture, obesity, and lack of exercise can also contribute to back pain.

Chiropractic care uses spinal adjustments to realign the spine, which can help relieve tension and pressure on nerves and muscles. Chiropractic can not only help to correct subluxations (spinal misalignments), but can ease tense and tight muscles, improve the flow of nerve energy, treat injuries, and shift slipped discs.

How does chiropractic care help back pain?

One of the benefits of chiropractic care is that it is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment option. This can be especially appealing for those who may be wary of medications or surgery. Chiropractic care focuses on treating the underlying cause of the pain, rather than just masking the symptoms. This means that patients can experience long-term relief rather than just temporary relief from pain.

Chiropractic care can also be an effective treatment for chronic back pain. Chronic pain can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life, and traditional treatments like medications may not always be effective. Chiropractic care addresses chronic pain through a combination of spinal adjustments, exercise, spinal decompression therapy, and a host of other modalities that can help patients manage their pain more effectively.

So how can chiropractic care help back pain? Chiropractors are trained to identify and treat the underlying causes of back pain. Dr. Adam Shafran at North Alabama Spine & Rehab uses a variety of techniques to assess the root cause of each patient’s back pain. This may include a visual assessment, x-rays, palpation, a comprehensive review of symptoms, and a list of any injuries a patient has experienced. Dr. Adam Shafran also discusses each patient’s wellness history to better recognize any patterns or outlying factors that could be influencing their health.

At North Alabama Spine & Rehab, Dr. Shafran uses a personalized approach to chiropractic care, taking into account each patient’s unique needs and concerns. The first step in treatment is a comprehensive evaluation and examination, which allows Dr. Shafran to develop a tailored treatment plan for each patient.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Spinal decompression is a core component of chiropractic treatment at North Alabama Spine & Rehab. Dr. Shafran will assess each patient’s unique spinal condition and then provide them with a customized decompression setup. This involves laying on a table and receiving targeted, gentle extension that creates space between the joints and contributes to proper spinal alignment.

In addition to powerful, targeted decompression therapy, Dr. Shafran may also recommend therapeutic exercises to help strengthen the muscles in your back, as well as provide spinal adjustments. Both of these interventions can improve your overall posture and reduce the risk of future injuries. Dr. Shafran may also recommend lifestyle changes or ergonomic adjustments to your work environment to further reduce your risk of back pain.

Back Pain Treatment in Huntsville & Decatur, AL

If you’re experiencing back pain, chiropractic care may be able to provide the relief you need. At North Alabama Spine & Rehab, we’re dedicated to helping our patients find relief from back pain through safe and effective chiropractic care.

If you’re struggling with back pain, it’s important to understand that chiropractic care can be an effective way to treat the underlying, root causes of your pain, rather than simply treating symptoms. By using a combination of spinal decompression/traction, spinal adjustments, and therapeutic exercises, Dr. Adam Shafran at North Alabama Spine & Rehab in Decatur and Huntsville, Alabama can help you find relief from your back pain and improve your overall quality of life.

Don’t let back pain hold you back any longer – schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about how chiropractic care can help you!

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