How Frequently Should I See My Chiropractor?

How Frequently Should I See My Chiropractor

When working with a chiropractor, or considering scheduling your first consultation, you may have a few questions about the details surrounding your treatment sessions. One frequently asked question that chiropractic clients usually ask is: how often do I actually need to come in to get the most effective care from my chiropractor? Ultimately, there is no cut and dry answer to this question, largely because it will depend on your health status, recovery goals, and overall needs for chiropractic care.

Today, we will review some basic guidelines that you and your chiropractor will use to determine the appropriate frequency of treatment visits. Additionally, we’ll cover some other commonly asked questions related to when to see a chiropractor and what to expect.

When Should I See a Chiropractor?

The primary reason that someone will schedule chiropractic care is for pain, particularly of the neck and low back. Low back pain (LBP) is one of the top reasons that an individual will end up on disability in the U.S. LBP can be caused by a variety of underlying issues, such as a car accident, fall, or aging. Thus, getting the right care from a spine health expert can make a significant difference in boosting quality of life, decreasing medical costs, and more.

There are more indications for chiropractic care than you may realize. Let’s review them all now:

Of all these indicators, spine misalignment is a commonly neglected underlying cause of poor health and symptoms such as pain. Spine changes are often subtle at first and only detectable by a spine expert like a chiropractor. The reason this is such a big concern is its effect on neural integrity and energy flow, a pillar to good health and function on every level. Whether your symptoms began from a car accident or insidiously, addressing spine alignment is an important step in sustainably recovering and living a thriving life.

How Often Do I Need to Be Seen?

There are three primary phases of care when it comes to getting treated by a chiropractor. These sequential phases are designed to bring the most effective and long benefits possible. As you work through each step, your treatment goals and strategy will change to meet your needs and recovery process. Each of these phases involves a general frequency range that will optimize your outcomes- which we will discuss below.

  1. Phase 1: Getting Pain Relief. Since most people sign up for chiropractic care due to pain, getting rid of this pain is always the first step. Getting quick relief helps you get started in the recovery process on the right foot. Chiropractors will utilize effective treatment options like spine adjustments, pain relieving modalities, manual therapy, gentle exercise, and any other appropriate option that yields desired results. With pain better managed, you can then move on to the next phase. For the best results, you can expect phase 1 to last about 4 to 12 weeks at a frequency of 2 to 3 times per week.
  2. Phase 2: Corrective Care. Once your pain is effectively managed, your chiropractor will then change their focus to helping facilitate your body’s healing potential. Healing of affected tissue, such as muscles, ligaments, joints, and neural tissue, is best achieved by restoring holistic balance to the body. This is done by assessing spine alignment, providing necessary adjustments, lifestyle recommendations, exercise, and other extensive education. This step is an overlooked one in other traditional forms of treatment that sets chiropractic care apart. For the best results, you can expect phase 2 to last 6 to 24 months for 1 to 4 times per month.
  3. Phase 3: Continued Maintenance. Once you achieve the results you want from chiropractic care, it’s time to transition to the maintenance phase. This important last step ensures that you continue to feel your best for the long term. Continued check ins with your chiropractor can help you quickly address any issues with spine alignment or minor imbalances that pop up inevitably from time to time. In the end, this will help you prevent future issues and feel great no matter what life brings you. For the best results in this phase, you can expect to continually see your chiropractor each month for 1 to 4 visits indefinitely.

Chiropractic Care to Feel Your Best

Initially, some people think that chiropractic care is a “quick fix” for their symptoms and complaints with just a couple visits. However, treatment can be so much more than that if you understand the three important phases of sustainable recovery. A chiropractor can help you take your health to the next level for years to come. It’s what holistic care is all about for living a life of potential. This is especially true when dealing with chronic issues that you don’t feel in control of (for example, after a motor vehicle accident). Get in touch with the excellent team at North Alabama Spine and Rehab in Huntsville and Decatur, AL to see what they can do for you to reach your health goals.

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