How Nerve Energy Affects Our Health

Nerve Energy Affects Our HealthOur nervous system plays a crucial role in our overall health. This is because of its control over every basic bodily function. You can think of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves as the communication highway for the entire body. This communication system equates to coordinated and synchronized function. When the nervous system is running in sync, there is a significant decrease in the chance of suffering from dysfunction and illness.

If you’ve ever had chiropractic treatment, you have probably heard the terms “nerve flow” or “nerve energy” to explain the benefits of regular spine adjustments. Optimizing nerve energy is possible through proper spine alignment, allowing for optimized function at both a cellular and full body level. Today, we’ll discuss how spine alignment is one of the key factors in determining nerve health and overall energy.

How Your Nervous System Works

At a cellular level, the nervous system aids in regulating and controlling every single major function that our bodies carry out on a daily basis for surviving and thriving. From there, the central nervous system- particularly the brain- takes on a much more complicated role as it drives emotions, thinking, learning, memory and more.

Each nerve in the body has the capability of communicating with the nerve next to it, creating a line of communication between our higher processing centers (brain and spinal cord) and every organ. This is done via both chemical and electrical messages at a cellular level. Primarily, nerves communicate with each via very fast electronic pathways- making our daily lives feel practically seamless (i.e. when was the last time you had to think about your breath?). When there is a break in this delicate communication highway, it can manifest as a large variety of health issues depending on what area of the body is affected.

What Happens When Nerve Energy is Out of Balance?

The electrical energy required to keep the lines of communication open, coordinated, and well-tuned requires good nerve energy. Thus, it is essential to keep nerve energy as optimal as possible. There are a large number of reasons that this system can be disrupted- including injury, poor mental health, chronic inflammation, and spine misalignment.

To imagine the importance of nerve energy, the traditional game of “telephone” is a great analogy. If you’ve ever played telephone, it can lead to some pretty major confusion as innocent messages turn into a completely unintended story. It can be some as simple as the phrase “I like the blue car” turning into “I hate all things green.” It should be easy to imagine that poor nerve energy can also quickly lead to ineffective messaging.

When messages in the nervous system become delayed, crossed, or even completely misinterpreted, suddenly body function can turn into total chaos. This chaos can manifest as a wide array of health issues. This might include issues like pain, fatigue, and chronic illness. Ideally, this state of disarray can be avoided with healthy lifestyle choices and careful attention to our nerve health. One of the simplest ways to do this is to address spine alignment.

How to Address Nerve Energy with Proper Spine Alignment

Now that you understand just how important good nerve energy is, it’s important to understand how to take good care of your nervous system. This is exactly why chiropractic care has been a tried and true option for over a century to address neural health. Chiropractors are trained to recognize subtle changes in the spine that can lead to big changes in nerve energy. Spine misalignment can be caused by poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, poor biomechanics with daily activities, or an injury- to name a few.

With the expert guidance of a chiropractor, they can diagnose any underlying issues within the spine, often not clear to an untrained eye. When good spine alignment is the primary goal with treatment, nerve energy can be maximized to prevent and manage many health issues. Once spine alignment is restored, then further treatments and recommendations can be made to further improve your health (such as massage, exercise, and in-depth education). The best part about chiropractic care is that it is holistic and non- invasive while allowing you to get sustainable long term results.

Find a Chiropractic Care to Maximize Your Nerve Energy

Chiropractor’s are the experts on addressing issues related to spine health. Now, you should understand the fundamental importance of good spine health from a holistic standpoint. Finding a chiropractor that is dedicated to this concept can greatly improve your quality of life. The entire team at North Alabama Spine and Rehab in Decatur or Huntsville, AL is dedicated to this delicate process. They understand the importance of addressing spine health to keep nerve energy flowing uninhibited.

If you are looking for a simple yet effective way to take your health and quality of life to the next level, get in touch with North Alabama Spine and Rehab today. Call them today and see what options are possible.

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