Long Term Recovery with Chiropractic Care

Long Term Recovery with Chiropractic Care

When you experience new symptoms, such as pain, you may find yourself scrambling for a quick fix because you are miserable. After all, most of us lead busy lives that don’t allot time to rest and recover from an injury or illness. This is exactly what has led to the current Western medical model of addressing health. Instead of realizing the vital importance of getting to the root cause of a health issue (which often takes time), this is often traded in for a quick fix treatment option that is most often medication.

Why the Band Aid Approach Isn’t Cutting It

When the treatment of symptoms is approached from a short term perspective, this can lead to a whole plethora of problems. While short term relief is great, it should only be the start to treatment and not the end goal. This is because if we are only focusing on managing or masking our symptoms without getting to the true root cause, it leads to a nasty cycle. A cycle of medication dependence, frustrating on and off again symptoms, and a feeling of hopelessness for the sufferer.

Gratefully, you have better options out there if you know where to look. Options that help you address your health from a holistic standpoint so that you truly address the cause of your health problems. This paves the way for long term recovery, fewer flares ups, and a better quality of life. Once you consider the trade off, finding the right holistic care is a no-brainer! And that’s where chiropractic care can be a game changer, since this is exactly what they focus on.

How Our Modern World Addresses Pain and Illness

To truly understand the benefits that chiropractic care can provide over the current medical model, let’s review a scenario. Neck pain is a common complaint around the world from issues like poor posture, car accidents, and more. When we experience neck pain, we often pop an over the counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen, as needed and try our best to continue on with our normal daily routine. If necessary, we may take a few days to rest from some of our higher level activities and hope for the best that it gets better.

If it doesn’t get better or the pain becomes hard to manage, only then do we schedule an appointment with a doctor. Often, this appointment results in a quick screen and the prescription of some heavier pain medications and anti-inflammatories. If lucky, we might have a few simple exercises to try too. Only if the pain becomes excruciating or other symptoms develop will anything further typically be done. Ultimately, this most often results in on again, off again pain that becomes disheartening over time.

How Chiropractic Care is Different

When you’re ready to break the cycle of symptoms, it’s time to find a chiropractor. With a full body assessment and history, they can help you figure out why you keep experiencing symptoms in the first place. One this underlying cause is addressed, it can now be treated head on and yield the long term results you are desperately hoping for.

The biggest underlying issue that typically needs to be addressed is spine misalignment. This common but hard to detect issue affects the overall integrity of our neural health- leading to a whole plethora of health issues depending on what area of the body is affected. Thus, a chiropractor’s first line of defense is typically to restore optimal spine alignment so that nerve energy can flow uninterrupted and maximize your body’s innate potential to heal and thrive. From there, additional treatment recommendations can be made and utilized, such as:

  • Postural training
  • Personalized home exercise program to address muscle imbalances and overall health
  • Continued spine adjustments and joint mobilization
  • Pain management (without the meds)
  • Lifestyle changes that optimize your ability to recover
  • And more!

Getting Sustainable Long Term Results to Feel Your Absolute Best

For long term results that help you live your life to the fullest, finding a local chiropractor should be your top choice. Whether you are suffering from pain, an injury, or some other type of general health issue (such as low energy, frequent illness, or trouble concentrating), chiropractic care could be your answer to better management and fewer symptoms. Plus, you will be less likely to become dependent on other forms of treatment (mainly medications) that can come with nasty side effects that actually worsen your long term health outcomes.

When you are ready to say yes to your full health potential, give North Alabama Spine and Rehab a call in Decatur and Huntsville, AL. Their specialized chiropractic team is ready to help you determine the root cause of your symptoms and get on the road to a sustainable recovery.

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