By Dr. Adam Shafran

Many chiropractic care physicians come to the field because they want to provide people with a natural treatment option to heal and remain healthy. That mission reflects my experience.

Dr. Adam Shafran

Dr. Adam Shafran

I first experienced the benefits of chiropractic care as a teenager. I was a competitively ranked junior tennis player. While preparing for my first national tennis tournament, I suffered a shoulder injury. My parents brought me to specialists who suggested surgery and therapy. It was devastating. Not only was I in pain and being prevented from pursuing my tennis dreams, but the physicians were pushing hugely invasive treatment that would require months of recovery time – if it even worked.

My grandfather suggested that before making that kind of commitment, we try chiropractic care. I learned that the chiropractor would attempt to heal me with his hands, without the use of drugs or other intervention. It worked, and I was inspired to make chiropractic care my career.

After studying Exercise Physiology at Rutgers University, I moved to Atlanta and earned a Doctorate at Life University. While at Life, I garnered a reputation of helping athletes get to their next level of performance – and was bestowed the nickname “Dr. Speed.” I began working with all types of people, from regular Joes to athletes to those injured on the job or in auto collisions. In one of my coolest cases, I worked with tennis professionals Luke and Murphy Jensen, winners of the 1993 French Open doubles title. While under my care they moved from #79 to #9 in World Rankings within one year!

I feel incredibly lucky to have joined the tradition of chiropractic care – one that is hundreds of years old – and that we have built a leading chiropractic care center at North Alabama Spine and Rehab. I get to see every day how regular chiropractic care contributes to ongoing good health and speeds recovery from injuries. 

You’ll find a full listing of my credentials on our About Us page. But if you remember anything about me, please know that I am the most passionate promoter of your journey to good health.

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